Gifts of Health

Our gifts of health are symbolic gifts that provide transformational hope for families around the world. Give a gift this year that not only helps a family in need, but also shows how much your loved ones mean to you.


Clean Water for a Community
Clean Water for a Community

Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti hard. Over 1,000 lives were lost and hundreds of thousands have been impacted. One of the most threatening realities the survivors now face is a lack of access to clean water. Rainy season is compounding these problems. Deadly cholera is already on the rise and the longer women, children, and their families go without access to safe drinking water, the more likely they are to contract cholera or other life-threatening waterborne illnesses. Join us in delivering clean water for families in Haiti. CMMB is partnering with Sawyer International to supply reusable domestic water filtration systems to households affected by hurricane Matthew. For $50 you can bring clean water to one family for many years and help prevent the spread of cholera and other waterborne illnesses (approximately $10 per person).
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