Gifts of Health

Our gifts of health are symbolic gifts that provide transformational hope for families around the world. Give a gift this year that not only helps a family in need, but also shows how much your loved ones mean to you.


4 Antenatal Visits and Prenatal Vitamins
4 Antenatal Visits and Prenatal Vitamins

Your gift will provide an expectant mom with 4 critical antenatal visits to ensure a safe pregnancy. A healthy start begins here.

In South Sudan, safe motherhood can never be taken for granted.

Letasha lives in Ezo County, one of the most remote and desolate places in South Sudan. It is also where Harvard-trained doctor and Board-certified obstetrician and gynecological surgeon Dr. Rachael Consoli was stationed as a CMMB volunteer at our CHAMPS site. Letasha had a difficult pregnancy and experienced symptoms that made her fear for her baby’s life. “CMMB provided me with medicine and a place in the hospital until I felt better and was able to go home.” With Dr. Consoli’s help, Letasha safely delivered a healthy newborn.


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